In today’s world, the success of the organization is dependent on how much they can reduce and control the uncertainty in their system. The first and most important step in reducing the uncertainty is to better predict the sales of their products.

In this project, we would like to develop sales forecasting models for predicting the monthly sales of an agricultural equipment .Along with the available past monthly sales data, we will also consider other relevant data including economic and commodity indices which might be helpful for our forecasting.

1.1 Data Description:

Following two types of information is available:


1. Introduction

Sparkify, a fictitious music streaming service, is created in order to mimic the datasets generated by companies like Pandora or Spotify. Millions of users play their favorite songs through such types of services on a regular basis, either by using a premium subscription model or through a free tier that plays advertisements. Users can upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan, but can also cancel it altogether at any time, so it’s important to make sure the users are liking the service.

Every time a user interacts with a Sparkify app, whether listening to songs, adding them to playlists, rating them…

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